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Bartholomew Bladespinner., Nov 28, 10 2:57 AM.
Calling All Testers: New Merchants and More
November 23, 2010

New Merchants and More

Test Servers have been updated to include new merchants selling all-new outfits on Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego and Cuba! Keep an eye out for new Pirates with a Merchant's icon and see what deals these suspicious sellers have in store for you.

We'd appreciate all Pirates with Test Access to login and help test the following:

New Merchants and brand-new clothing styles are now available.
More high level enemies in a new recently discovered cave on Raven's Cove. Hint: The new cave entrance is a trapdoor in the Firebat cove on the way towards the mine shaft elevator.

Please report any bugs you encounter using either the in-game feedback form (look for the '?' icon) or submit any issues here.

Known Issue: A few of the new clothing items may not be added properly to the inventory. If you encounter this issue, please note exactly which item you were attempting to buy and submit a bug report.


Bartholomew Bladespinner., Nov 28, 10 2:55 AM.
Gathering of the Guilds Feast
November 22, 2010

Join us this week for a special event to give thanks to your Friends and Guildmates at the Gathering of the Guilds Feast on the shores of Tortuga.

Remember the first time a fellow Pirate helped Revive you? Do you recall that time while sailing when you were almost done for and your Guildmate helped you repair at sea? For all those times you were in a sticky jam, it was nice to be able to turn to your friend for a helping hand.

This feast will feature YOU and YOUR GUILDMATES, gathering around a triumphant bonfire to celebrate your teamwork and victories together. The bonfire lighting will start at 4PM PST/Los Angeles daily.

Dont forget to enjoy the fire roasted pork! All Pirates can pick up pork tonics and use it in combat when you feel your health running low. A Pork Tonic will immediately give you full health.

The Marceline Guild will also be stopping by from time to time during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to personally thank you for all the teamwork demonstrated during recent Invasions and for also defending Tortuga's wealth in Cannon Defense.

Other activites you and your friends can enjoy: 
Ship Raids (Treasure Fleets are known to be extremely active during this time of the year) 
Cannon Defense with your Guild (some friendly competitions to see who's the best, most accurate, most skilled cannoneer in the bunch)
Ship Repair Speed Races (Pirates can join a repair table and race against one another to see who can complete the most repair jobs the fastest).

Dont forget to share what you and your Guilds have planned and be sure to include where and when you will be gathering so it can be posted right here for all to see.

What: Gathering of the Guilds Feast
When: November 25, 26, 27, 28, bonfires light at 4pm to 10pm, Daily.
Where: Shores of Tortuga

Gathering of Guilds

Give the Gift of Pirating to Yourself and Others .

Bartholomew Bladespinner., Nov 19, 10 8:55 PM.
Give the Gift of Pirating to Yourself and Others ...
November 17, 2010

The holidays are upon us and 'tis a time to be thankful and giving.

So give the gift of Pirates Online to yourself and be thankful! Or you could give it to that special Pirate in your life and be thanked.

Gift subscriptions can be found here for a one-time monthly purchase or an on-going subscription.
(Kids, remember to always ask permission before purchasing.)

Game Cards are also available. Click here for locations near you.


Double gold week

Bartholomew Bladespinner., Nov 19, 10 8:49 PM.
November 16, 2010

Double Gold WeekendStarting this weekend, for a limited time, all gold rewards for Land combat, Sea combat, Parlor Games and Treasures are doubled.Time to get to work Pirates, thar be gold you should be after!

With the new merchants on their way, you'll be wanting a few extra coins lining yer pockets, so gladlyaccept this magnificent treasure for a life of villainy, larceny, skullduggery and persnickety-nee.

What: Double Gold Weekend
When: November 20 and 21
Where: Only in the Caribbean

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Bartholomew Bladespinner., Nov 19, 10 2:45 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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